How to Acquire Kistler Wines

Although many wineries sell their wines on a first-come first-served basis, we felt strongly that given the high demand for our wines and the large number of people on our allocation list, we needed to design a more thoughtful system. Our goal is to make sure that all members, both new and old, have fair access to our wines.

To purchase Kistler wines you must be on the Allocation List. If you have not yet signed up, please do so here.

The system we chose provides a 14-day Release Period in which to respond with your Order Request. Order Requests will be based on your allocation of each wine and any additional bottles requested. Initial allocations are purposely designed to be as generous as possible, and are based on your length of time on our list and your recent buying history.

At the end of the Release, depending on the level of response for each wine, we will either confirm your Order Request in full (including additional bottles requested, if available) or reduce it by a bottle or two. This will ensure that each member of our list receives their appropriate share of each wine, relative to their standing on the list.

We have many customers abroad, and are able to facilitate the shipment of wine internationally. Please see the International Ordering page for details.