International Ordering

We are striving to make your ordering from Kistler Vineyards go as smoothly as possible. Each step of the process (receiving your order form, sending your order and remitting your payment, and shipping your wine to you) can have special problems associated with it because of the international nature of the transaction. Here are some of the potential problems and the best solutions we have found for them.

Receiving your offering quickly

Mailing your order form and letter to you may take a couple of weeks by air mail, or even longer. If you give us a good email address or a fax number to a machine that automatically answers any time of day, we will be glad to email or fax your offering and newsletter.

Placing and paying for your order

The simplest way to place your order and pay for your wine is online by credit card. Instructions will be included with your offering. You can also fax or email your order form to
If you are unable to pay by Visa or MasterCard, you can also elect to pay by another means. Your payment will be due within a week of receiving your final order confirmation:

  • You can purchase a US dollar bank draft (drawn on a US bank) from your local bank and send it to us by FedEx, DHL, International Express Mail, or another equally high-quality letter express service.
  • You can arrange to have your bank transfer the US dollar remittance to our bank by wire. This is probably the simplest method after Visa and MasterCard if your bank is co-operative about wire transfers. Please contact us for account and routing information.
  • A third possibility is to have a friend who resides in the US write a check for your order and mail it to us.

Shipping outside the US

We have Aero Packing pack your wine and ship it to you by DHL. They can send the wine with three different arrangements for paying the taxes, duties, and fees:

  • Free Domicile — The wine will be delivered directly to you with all taxes and fees paid. In this case your credit card will be billed by Aero for the shipping when the wine is shipped. Several weeks later (maybe even 2-3 months later) DHL will bill Aero and Aero will bill your credit card for the taxes and customs duties that were paid for your wine. This is the most convenient service for most of our customers.
  • Express Air – Door-to-Door — You will receive a phone call when the wine is ready for delivery. DHL will tell you the amount of fees to be collected. The wine is delivered to your door, and you must pay the delivery person the fees due on your wine.
  • Door-to-Airport — You will be notified that your wine has arrived at the airport and you can have your own customs broker arrange for clearance. This may be a simple, convenient, and economical way to ship your wine if you have a customs broker you regularly work with.

For rate quotes or shipping concerns, you can contact Aero Packing directly by phone: +1-707-554-2088, fax: +1-707-554-2608, or email: